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Presbytery Strategy Workshop

Published Wed 10 Nov, 2021


The Presbytery Strategy Workshop took place at St Bryce Kirk Kirkcaldy on Thursday 7 October 2021. We had a good turn out from across the Presbytery and it was especially valuable to have the chance to meet in person on that night. We are conscious however that a number of presbyters were either unable to be present or were still uncomfortable at being in a larger gathering and we want to give those who were not present the chance to input into the key questions of the evening. The edited video of the evening’s activities is, as promised, available on the Presbytery’s YouTube channel here: Strategy Workshop Video

The key questions are outlined below. If you would like to make an input then please email your answers to by 5 November 2021.

Once I have received further inputs I will put them together with the outputs from the session at St Bryce and provide a summary for our next Presbytery meeting. In order to make it possible for me to do the collation, please try to stick to the format suggested for the answers.


If we succeed as a Presbytery, what will success look like in 5 years’ time? (Please give no more that THREE bullet points in response)


Where are we now? (Please identify up to three things we presently do well and up to three things we do less well and need to improve.)


What are the main things we need to do together as a Presbytery to achieve our vision of success? (Identify up to three goals for the Presbytery to deliver to be successful.)

Many thanks for your support and assistance.

Brian Porteous, Business Convener

PS The PowerPoint presentation used at the evening meeting is available for use at congregational level and anyone wanting a copy should let me know.